Link Love Friday #06

Ok, I actually wanted to do a link-roundup every Friday, but I’ve not been terribly consistent with this. Sometimes I just don’t find enough interesting stuff during the week to warrant a post, but more often, I’m just too caught up in a ton of other stuff and kind of forget about the LLF…

But I haven’t given up yet, so here’s another installment of Link Love Friday:

  • PPC vs. Yahoo Answers on SEOmoz
    Once again, the people over at SEOmoz manage to produce content that I just need to link to (even though they hardly need my promotion). This is a case study in which classic PPC is pitched against using Yahoo Answers for generating leads and the results are quite surprising.
  • Affiliate Marketing Not Dead After All by Ben Moskel
    After Google dropped a huge ban-hammer on thousands of Adwords accounts, there was something of a panic-reaction to be seen on some blogs and in forums. In the above post, Ben Moskel provides a very level-headed analysis of what probably went on behind the scenes and pretty much nips the “death of affiliate marketing” idea in the bud.
  • Gary Vaynerchuk Adressing Internet Marketers on Traffic Cafe
    In this video, Gary Vaynerchuck is interviewed by Dean Hunt and Ciaran Doyle. It’s a very interesting video and Gary specifically addresses Internet marketers with an important message. He also completely misrepresents Internet marketing and gets quite a lot completely wrong. You’ll be seeing more about this from me, very soon. In the meantime, make sure to watch that video.

And that’s this weeks (late) Link Love Friday. Enjoy! And if you ever have recommendations for these posts, let me know! I love to read up on interesting and fresh material concerning anything SEO, marketing, website building or general “make money” related.




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