Is Having a Top Google Ranking Even Worth it Any More? Interesting Case Study Within!

Here’s the write up for an interesting little experiment comparing the click through rates of a #1 organic search listing and a PPC ad for the same keyword. I wanted to see which would get more traffic, the results are below!

If you looked at a typical Google results screen 5 years ago and compared it to a typical results screen now then you’d probably notice some rather large changes:

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ClickBank Crackdown?

ClickBank, popular affiliate network and cesspool of scammy make-money-online offers, have recently announced (kind of) a new set of guidelines. These guidelines could mean a very serious crackdown on said scammy offers. Is this the end of the “infinite upsell” era? Will some dignity and accountability finally return to this particular section of the ClickBank marketplace? Probably not.

Read on to see all the details of the new guidelines and learn why it probably won’t make a difference.

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SENuke X Review

NOTE: In case you are finding this post now, be aware that link building tools like SENuke X have been rendered ineffective as a link building method. All the data and results in this review come from testing done long before Google “slapped” this type of SEO. While this review is positive, because the product worked wll at the time, it has now become obsolete.

SENuke was the grandaddy of all automated SEO and link-building programs and it defended it’s crown for a long time, despite many competing products popping up on the marketplace. Now, after countless months of delays, the successor to the throne is finally here.

Without further ado, here’s my SENuke X review.

Important Note:

This review has been updated to reflect changes made with recent updates to the SEnuke X software (SEnuke X 2.0 and beyond).

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wpMassUpdater Review

Here’s a quick review of wpMassUpdater, which is a tool so essential, that you’ll probably rush off and order it before you reach the end of the page. At least, my reaction when I first heard about his was: “How did I ever live without this?” Now, don’t worry, I’m not talking about some push-button money making BS product. No, wpMassUpdater does one thing and one thing only: It saves you massive amounts of time.



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Help Desk Software Comparison

I recently implemented a help desk to help handle the support requests from my various products as well as the SwissMadeMarketing products. With a service- or product-based business, you’ll inevitably get to a point where handling support via email just becomes too messy and that’s exactly what help desk software is made for. Most importantly, as soon as you hire people to help with your support, a helpdesk will make your life a lot easier.

This post is not an extensive review, since I didn’t test every help desk solution out there in great detail. I did, however, spend some time poking around, looking for (genuine) reviews and user feedback, combing through feature lists and weighing pros and cons. Since I already did all that work, I figured I might as well share what I learnt with you.

Read on to see which free and paid helpdesk solutions are right for you.

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